Friday, December 25, 2009

Blog PTO

Ok I just want to let everyone (well the like 2 people) who read my blog....I have no internet at home right that means I can't really do much to my blog. I am not quite sure when we will get it again. But the good news is I can read everyone else's at work....I just can't comment or do a new post. So I guess for now I am a lurker.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some crazy things said by my kids....

"What??!.....Jesus doesn't live in a house!!! He lives at church!!" - We went to the Mesa Temple to see the Christmas lights and Jayden was looking at a display. There was a man standing at it (a fake person) and it wasn't even Jesus. But since he had long-ish hair....Jayden just assumed it was. So then he had to make it known to Jeremy and I that Jesus lives at church.

"Umm, why was Jonathans' grandpa dressed like Santa?"
- Wow isn't that the question that every parent fears (right next to ...where do babies come from, or how is your baby going to come out). So we were at our ward christmas party last night, and Santa came to visit the kids. Grayson and Colby both stood in line to see him, but Jayden would only look from afar. As we were leaving we were asking what they said to Santa, and Grayson asks us," Why was Jonathan's grandpa dressed as Santa?" So I told him that Santa is REALLY busy right now trying to get ready and he can't make it to every party, so he has helpers. BUT the helpers report exactly to Santa what each child asked for. He seemed ok with that answer...but I know soon enough some bratty kid will ruin it for him.

"Jayden why don't you want to see Santa?" "Because he will know I was naughty."
- Jayden will not go see Santa. He would barely go near him to get a bag of candy. So I was trying to talk him into it....I asked if he was scared of him, he said no. So I asked him why and he told me because Santa will know he was naughty.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Wow...thanksgiving has come and gone already.
That's so crazy. I wasn't even able to
take any pictures....I was way too busy being
the hostess. Oh well. I know that my good
sister-in-law Heidi will email me some. :-)
So I thought I would list a few things that I am thankful for....
(watch out its mushy towards the end...just warning you)
1) My Family and I don't just mean Jeremy & my boys....
I mean ALL of my family.....I am very lucky to live close
to most of my brothers and sisters and my dad and Lynnell.
And I feel very blessed that we are all happy and healthy.
2) My Friends I fell pretty lucky to have alot of good friends.
Friends that I can talk to about anything, friends that I can
call after I don't get enough sympathy from Jeremy,
friends that I can gossip with,
friends that give spiritual advice,
friends that I can count on for anything.
3) My Kids I am lucky to have 3 easy going, happy,
healthy, crazy kids that are full of life. I am thankful that
they are all learning and making friends.
4) My Husband What can I say about Jeremy that would do him justice....
He has ALWAYS been there for me and has always loved me.
He puts up with my crazy mood swings
(I don't think we have seen the worst of them yet)
and doesn't even say a word. He gives the kids baths
(I HATE doing that) so that I don't have to.
He is worthy to hold the priesthood, and after many years
with out it in our is a big blessing.
I am thankful everyday that he waited for me.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Music of the Night....ummm Midafternoon

I went to watch the Phantom of the Opera yesterday in Tempe. It was so cool. I went with my Aunt Peggy, my cousins Alissa and Amy, and their daughters, Kailey, Ashley and Emily. It was a suprise for them...we told them we were going shopping at a big mall. Then as we walked up, a woman asked if we wanted to buy a Phantom program or rose. The girls were all confused, and the woman said,"Well this is the Phantom of the Opera". They were so excited.
The costumes were all amazing....the cast did a very good job. I can't wait to go back next time...maybe I will make my husband go.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pilgrims ate Cool Whip??!

Grayson had his Pilgrim Feast in school today! I was a very bad mommy and forgot to send my assignment of Cool Whip (Pilgrims ate cool whip???) But I couldn't help but take a picture of him.....his outfit was so cute! They took pillow cases and decorated them. They each got to draw on their own symbols. It looked VERY very easily could of sold in a gift shop ;-) . He said that they had it at lunch time. Their meal consisted of cornbread, Pilgrim Stew (he wouldn't eat) and pumpkin pie. I asked him if he thought pilgrims really ate that, and if they kept their cool whip in the fridge...he just laughed at me.

Monday, November 16, 2009


I am bored at work and found this funny video.....too bad its not a real would be pretty funny. Its Taylor Swift and a Twilight Spoof.....just watch and see.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

never trust a 3 year old

Me - Jayden your hands are so clean!

Jayden - I washed them!

Me - Wow! Good job!

Jayden - I used da' soap!

Me - I don't think I heard the water running?

Jayden - (Just smiled)

Me - Jayden........WHERE did you wash your hands???!

Jayden - In the water

Me - What water??!

( At this point he took the hand I might add....and lead me into the bathroom where he had washed his hands in the toliet. He had used soap...and the soap was floating in the toliet now. He had also taken a rag and washed the counters, sink, toliet, bathtub and floor with the same soap and water.....he's just so helpful!)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

WhAt 7 yEaR oLd BoYs PrAy FoR

Grayson has really liked raking leaves all of a sudden....which is good because we have PLENTY. He is always quick to do anything that I ask of him. He is such a good big brother to Colby and Jayden. He loves to read and learn new things. Without ever being told before bed he gets a book and reads it for a few minutes while either Jeremy or I read to the other boys. He is so tall 4th or 5th grade he will be as tall as I am....he already goes up to my chest. It is so crazy to think he started out 5'11, and even got down to 5'3. Now he is almost 50 pounds. Its amazing to think.

We have family prayers every night and we take turns saying it. Grayson usually has to be asked and persuaded alittle bit, but last night he volunteered. I have to try SO hard not to giggle when he says the prayer.....I am just going to put in a few things he asks for....keep in mind he came up with this on his own..........

"Please help us to not get dirty"

"Please help us go to sleep"

"Please help our toys"

"Please help no one to kill us"

"Please help us to not get to school late again"

Thursday, November 5, 2009

People of Walmart

Has anyone else ever seen this website???? It is really funny....kinda addicting. I bet that half of these could of been from our Benson Walmart. This is my new favorite website...maybe I'll set it as my homepage :-)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What do Darth Vader, Obi One Kenobi, and Batman have in common?

Halloween of course!!!

We went to the "Trunk or Treat" in St. David for Halloween. The boys have alot of fun. Jeremy is the one to take them around to get candy, while I sit at our car (the trunk was decorated) and pass out candy to kids. I will be completely honest....I can not stand going around and waiting in line for games and candy. I get impatient....they are sticky.....the line takes too long...etc. So it is better for our whole family if mommy just stays behind. Then of course the boys get done and come raid the candy that I have.

Jayden aka "Batman"
Jayden was Batman this year for Halloween. He would dress up every few days just for fun. Then he would get on his bike...inside the house of course...apparently bikes dont go outside??! He would then tell me that Batman doesn't like to walk. Then race his bike back and forth thru the house trying to hit everyone and everything in his path. And he would shoot us with his web.....yeah he was confused but it was too cute to stop him.

Grayson aka "Obi One Kenobi"
Grayson had a hard time finding a costume. Everything he wanted either was REALLY expensive, or was too scary. He is getting way too old, pretty soon he won't even want to dress up, he will be out toliet papering houses, and making dry ice bombs with his friends. (Actually we made dry ice bombs at home halloween night, so thats where he'll get the idea) And he will beat up his younger brothers and steal their candy. Maybe I have a few years left....

Colby aka "Darth Vader"
Colby always gets really excited when he sees anyone from his class outside of school. So anytime he would see someone he would always tell me, and say what they were dressed as. He really wanted to wear the mask that came with his costume but they weren't allowed. Sometime during the evening he lost his cape.....not quite sure what happened to it. Poor kid he doesn't stand a chance with two superhero brothers.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Scary Guy"

The boys found some goody bags I had made for one of my classes. There was vampire teeth we put them on. Jayden said he was a scary guy and kept making was too cute to pass up. So here is our pictures from playing around with the teeth.

Batman (Jayden) Turned 3!!!!

We had Jayden's birthday party on October 24th. It was alot of fun(and work). I always have a halloween theme because it is so close to halloween, and I HATE paying so much for costumes and then the kids wearing them only its a costume brithday party.

I ran out of time, so I just bought a costco cake.....I normally have a really cute one.

Jeremy and I dressed up...I am not quite sure what he was......some kinda mexican bandit. I was a mexican resturant waitress. He grew out his facial hair and used my mascara to darken it. He needs to work on his sounded more chinese then spanish.

I love it when other adults dress up.....this is my Grandpa, he was Johnny Cash.

These two....Evel Knievel and the Bandito.

Jayden got lots of monster trucks

And a giant dry erase coloring book.....and he even shared.

Can you tell who wanted their picture taken the whole time???? He has like 10 others I didn't put in.
Back to Jayden...
He is a very crazy little guy. He understands jokes, he can tease back. He loves to ride his bike in the house (which is ok as long as he doesn't have mud on the tires). He wants to be as big as his brothers, and thinks that he already is. He loves to sleep in our bed and snuggle up close. Which I would kick him out but he is so darn cute....I can't. He loves to give us hugs and kisses all the time, and always says, " I wub you mom".

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Puppies

My dog, Roxie had puppies last night.

She ended up with 5 puppies. I kept wondering if they were going to come out with 2 heads, or 5 legs, or no tails...because the father of her baby just happens to be her gross.

Her motherly instincts kicked in.....she eats alot, and growls at her brother/father of her puppies...sounds about right.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Going to the Pumpkin Patch in Willcox is the other half of our Apple Annie's tradition. We go to both places in one day. This year our group was pretty big, and both places were really crowded...but oh well. We go more for the experience than the pumpkins....they are too expensive. So the rule is they have to be able to carry their pumpkin.

Jayden could BARELY hold up his wasn't really Jayden-sized. And he didn't even end up with that pumpkin. After finding one for his baby cousin Ava...he apparently liked hers better and wanted to switch. Atleast he could carry that one. He was so tired after the day that when we went to Pizza Hut to eat afterwards, he just slept on my lap. Poor guy.

Colby had to get people (Branson and Catlyn) to walk around to find his perfect pumpkin. He couldn't decide on one on his own.

Grayson was really easy, after looking for like 2 mintues he found one.

Ok, Jeremy found this pumpkin and said it was shaped like a mom. It was really funny. We called it our mom pumpkin....I really wanted it but when we saw how much it was going to cost we secretly put it in a pile (you are supposed to buy what you pick...and its not a secret now...oops)

Like father, like son. I think that Jeremy's favorite part of going is that there is 1) Snow cones/Shaved Ice and 2) Fresh kettle corn. Thats the first thing he goes for when we get out of the car. So then we have to carry a giant bag of popcorn that we have to open every 5 steps, and each kid has to carry their snow cone....and there is no way around it. I just had to learn to accept it. So I make sure to take my family picture BEFORE Jayden gets his blue face and teeth.

Yes...he is peeing out in the I didn't realize what he was doing until it was too late. He was just doing his part to keep the pumpkins well watered. You can see Jeremy holding the popcorn.

These two pictures I forgot to add with the apple ones, and am too lazy to add on to that post.

Apple Annie's Apple Orchard

Last Saturday we went to Apple Annie's Apple Orchard in Willcox. It is a tradition of ours to go every fall. We always go a few weeks before Halloween. It gets better every year......except for the wind.

Colby had alot of fun using the apple-reacher-thingy to pick apples out of the tree.

Grayson didn't even need the picker, he was ok just climbing the tree. Grayson NEVER will eat the "crust" on apples when we get them at home, but after we had started picking the apples, I turned around and saw him eating a whole apple....."crust" and all.....WHAT???!

Jayden really liked picking apples. When we first started he had to say, "Wow Grandpa I am really good at this", so my dad asked if he had ever done it before and Jayden said "No, its my first time". When he went for one apple...atleast 2 fell from the tree. He was walking around trying to stomp on the rotten apples.

Every other year we have gone, we always pack a lunch and then end up regretting it because their cheeseburgers smell REALLY good. So this year we decided to eat out there. Well when we get out there (its like 25 minutes from town) its was really crowded, and had a huge food line. So we waited until we went back into town to eat...maybe next year....atleast we had the homemade ice cream.

I am happy we all had fun, and no one got hurt. It was alittle bit scary giving the boys those long poles with points at the end...thats just asking for trouble.

Monday, October 12, 2009

BuSy BuSy

WoW! For some reason I always think things are going to slow down. Before summer started, we kept saying,"Yeah when summer comes we can relax and go camping...." Then summer came, and we went to the temple, and went to California, and there was birthdays and the 4th of July, and girls camp, and the Sherman Family Retreat. Then we thought, "Oh when school starts things will slow down..." Nope, things are actually busier. Now we have Grayson in football, and Colby in soccer, and me helping with cheerleading (I am only asst. coach this year, not head coach..thank goodness!), and me going to the scrapbook convention and Jeremy working ALOT. And not to mention our church callings, and everything we like to do during the fall. So I am making a list of things I want/need to accomplish during October:

1) Take fall family pictures....but I need it to actually look like fall :-)
2) Go to the Pumpkin Patch
3) Pay off 1 credit card
4) Jayden's Birthday Party
5) Decorate for Halloween
6) Go on a date with my handsome husband!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Awesomest Banner Ever

Ok so my picture doesn't do much for the banner....but I am pretty proud of it. That thing took me 5-6 hours to do.
Colby's coach asked all the parents if someone would make a banner because they are supposed to have one, his wife would normally do it BUT she is just about to have a baby. So I volunteered because no one else looked very crafty.
So I had this whole design in my head...I just didn't think about how long it would take. Everything on this banner is hand-cut (my hands) out of felt. It took me sooooo long to do today and I still have to figure out how to hang it on the fence at games.
This banner came at a physical cost to me as well as my time, and money. I did not want to sew at all, so I used my hot glue gun. It worked pretty good...I must of gone thru 20 glue sticks. I had the occasional burnt finger, no big deal. But then after the gun had been on for like 5 hours I was sitting on the ground putting glue on the "c" in Medicine, and I dropped it, glue side down of course, onto the inside of my calve. It REALLLLLY hurt! And whats worse was it was glued to me. So I ripped it off quickly, but it still burnt my leg. I now have a "c" shaped burn on my leg.....and it still hurts. Now I know what Colby went thru went he was burnt a few weeks ago. That so far has been my worst craft accident.
My favorite parts of the banner are: the cute little sharks, the bows on the girl sharks, and the Medicine Shoppe logo.

"The Great White Sharks"

Colby started soccer this week! It was such a cute game. There is 5 kids on his team and they play 3 at a time. Colby did an amazing job his first game. He didn't score a goal yet, but he wasn't shy about getting in there and trying to get the ball. He was just running all over the place. When they get out of bounds, the kids don't even notice they just keep going.
Colby has a girl from his class on his team. Her name is Addy, her dad is the coach. I was told by her mom that she wants to marry Colby when they grow up. So when her dad called to tell me when practice was I joked that it would be a good opportunity for him to get to know Colby and his intentions.....I don't think he got my joke...oh well.

They only get to play 3 quarters of the game so that everyone gets a turn. Apparently Colby thought he was a VIP player and needed to be in the whole took some convincing to get him to stay out. We are looking forward to many more soccer games.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football???

I thought I was. I thought that all the little boys would just run around and follow all the rules.....I was not prepared. What is the first thing you want to do when you see someone being mean to your child??? You want to set them straight. Well as a mom sitting in the bleachers you can't! You have to sit there and watch as another player just chases your son around the whole time, and when he catches him, pushes him down. It was frustrating. And another time he tripped him, and elbowed his face. I THOUGHT IT WAS FLAG FOOTBALL NOT TACKLE!!!! Atleast in tackle they have pads on. Jeremy thought I was going to jump out of the bleaches when the kid elbowed him. I have always thought that when parents yell at the ref or at the coach, or even other players that they were taking it too seriously. But NOW I understand.
It wasn't really bad, just I didn't expect to feel the way I did. I see a future of yelling "He's holding!!!!" and "What was that??!!" and "Where's the flag??!". Its not how I imagined I would be, but it will happen. I have already started, its just loud talking now, but it will develop into yelling. Yep I will be THAT mom. Jeremy will be embarrassed sitting next to me, people will turn around and stare. I love my kids so I will sacrifice myself for them ( I already sacrificed my stomach).
Although I do have to say that it was the cutest game ever. They are so small, yet they still have to play the WHOLE football field. We went thinking no one would score, but those little guys managed to run mini-marathons and got a few touchdowns. Grayson had alot of fun, he played defense. I don't think he is big enough (a whopping 46 pounds) to be playing on the line. When he wasn't playing he was obsessed with drinking his whole Gatorade before the end of the 1st quarter. Then of course he had to leave the field to use the bathroom. I guess I should be thankful he left the was probably pretty tempting with all that grass. His other favorite past times when he wasn't playing was - taking one drink out of each water bottle (ewwwww) then adding water to each bottle, and playing with his mouth guard.

(Grayson with his friend Rylee...such skinny legs!)
Grayson plays every Saturday thru Halloween if anyone wants to come see him play!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

String Cheese?

Last night I was reading Colby and Jayden a book about Dinosaurs before bed. Whenever it would name a new dinosaur Jayden would have to repeat the name back to me, and then show us how he thought it walked. I was telling him that some of the dinosaurs ate plants and some ate meat. When we got to the T-Rex I asked him what he thought it ate....Jaydens reply was he thinks it eats cheese. And not just any cheese....STRING CHEESE. I tried to explain that his arms probably wouldn't reach his mouth, so it wasn't likely....but Jayden had his mind made up about what they ate.

7 yEaRs In tHe mAkInG

Finally they are here!!!! And I want to thank my wonderful mailman for putting them inside my house instead of leaving them outside. I told him to clean up my living room next time. He said ok....he owed us for making us speak in Stake Conference.

Yes I finally got our pictures from the temple. They are everything I hoped they would be. They are so very special to us.
There is 125 on the CD I I am only posting a few of my favorites.
When I told Jeremy I wanted a photographer to come and take our pictures at the Temple, I don't think he was really enthusiastic about it.

I thought it would be better to do before our sealing so it wouldn't be so hot. So that meant we had to leave for the Temple at 9am. It was a mad rush to get out the door in time, and we left all the other stuff for the family to do. By the time we left I was getting annoyed that the boys were hungry, needed a drink...etc.
But we finally got to the Mesa Temple and my mood began to change.

I went in to change into my dress (which Jeremy hadn't seen). I got outside and we talked with Danielle (the photographer) about different shots we wanted.
It was really good for us to do that. It really helped us to slow down and relax. We went all over the Temple grounds. It was even more special because it was our Stake Temple Day, so as we were taking pictures, we kept seeing people we knew walk by.

Another reason it was so fun was because we had to kiss the whole time. And it wasn't just a quick kiss like normal, we had to hold it there. So really we were forced to kiss over and over.

Yes I do realize that Jayden is picking his nose....but ohwell. Whats really funny was he kept putting them on the photographer...good thing she's a mom.