Monday, December 26, 2011

When do I sleep?

This past 5 months or so have just flown by. Not really sure where they went. I think I may have an idea why....
In the beginning of the summer our family was spending alot of time in hospitals and at the doctors office. My step-mom Lynnell found out she had breast cancer for a second time. There was lots of surgeries and office visits that we went to. For the most part I had to take her because she wasn't able to drive. Then I would also go over and care for her during the day when my dad wasn't home. This was our whole life this summer. But I didn't mind one bit, they needed the help.
During all of this, whenever we were at the hospital I always felt at home. It was an odd feeling. Some people get creeped out, some people say they smell, some people aviod them all together. For me, it feels like home. I have no idea why this is, but I took it as a hint. I decided it was time I went back to school.
Ever since I took a CNA course when I was a senior I wanted to go to school to become an Registered Nurse. Right after high school it wasn't really an option for me. Then a few years later, I tried going to school. We lived in Kingman. I went for a few months, but Jeremy's job paid really well so I decided that I didn't realy need a career. I quit.
A few years later I tried again. But because of earning too much money and some tax issues, we had to pay. So once again, I didn't last too long.
So when I decided last summer to go back to school I did not want to tell anyone. That way if I quit no one would know. But it eventually got out and the world knows.
I qualified for financial aid (thank goodness) so I don't have any excuses. This time we have alot more riding on me finishing. We need one of us to have a job where we feel like an adult. With perks like health insurance, and retirement, and PTO. We have four kids that are getting kinda expensive, so we need me to be successful.
I didn't test very well on the placement exam. So I was put in low classes, low enough that they weren't offered online. I had to drive into Tucson four days a week. I would leave a few hours before Jeremy got home and get back late in the evening. This made for long days for the both of us. Jeremy was pretty much a single date. He had soccer practice for three kids everyday I was gone. He did an awesome job though. I haven't cooked dinner since August, we eat lots of junk. I often ate jerky from a vending machine. When that machine ran out I had to find another one with until my vending machine was restocked. Jeremy and the boys ate lots of frozen pizza, and cheese crisps.
Life didn't stop just because I was in school, we still had evething else to take care of. During last semester I threw two baby showers, and planned my 10 year reunion.
Life is kinda crazy, and I do not see it getting any better, we are just going to have to learn to live in the choas.


I was really slacking and didn't take any pictures....I know, it's awful.

This year for Thanksgiving it was Jeremy's family's turn. We all take turns hosting, it goes down thru the line. This time around it was Lanae's turn. Which was a bit tricky since she had just had a baby a week earlier. But it all turned out fine.
We pretty much just ate, and ate and then cleaned up and left.
Jeremy left that same evening to go hunting for the weekend. I on the other hand went home and rested up for some Black Friday shopping.
Then the rest of the weekend was me being mad he wasn't back yet.

Happy Halloween

I never really got a chance to blog about Halloween. So here it is....

We carried on our usual Halloween tradition, we went to the Trunk or Treat held at the football field at the school. For some unknown reason I just can't stand walking around and waiting while the kids get their candy. So I decorated our truck. It started out just carved pumpkins, and somehow Lynnell and I got carried away. I have a feeling next year will just get bigger.

This was Brinley's first real Halloween. She was here last year but she was only three months old. She a a cat, or as she would kind of say "kitty". It was the cutest little costume. Her tail swayed back and forth when she walked.

The boys all used costumes we already had. I just have such a hard time paying so much money for those cheap costumes. I do not have a problem when they are an actual costume, not just thin material with paint. So Grayson was an army guy, Colby was a lost hiker (I will explain) and Jayden was a skeleton.

The same weekend as Halloween was also my Dad's and brother Nathan's hunt. Jeremy had planned to go out with them, and take the two older boys. They were out there two nights and came back saturday morning. Colby is the dirtiest kid ever. He can take a shower for school, and by the time he leaves his face is dirty. So after two days of no shower, and a soccer game, he was pretty dirty. Then being a boy, he did not want to take a shower even when he could. He was running around in an old boy scout shirt we had, and was wearing his backpack. I told him he looked like a lost hiker, and he just went with it.

The actual day of Halloween was on Monday. I was gone at school so Jeremy took the kids out trick or treating alone. What a good dad! They even went and ate dinner at Wendy's first. Grayson was the die-hard and wanted to keep going. The other kids were done after just a block or two.

All in all we got too much candy and ate it all in just a few days.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some Random-ness

I feel at a loss. I take pictures, not as many as I should, and then never do anything with them. They used to get printed and then scrapbooked. But really that takes time and money I do not have. So I thought I would put a few of my favorites up on my blog.

Every baby needs a picture eating spaghetti. Something about all of those noodles on the tray, on their arms, stuck to their face, it just screams cuteness. You might notice the noodles look weird colored. Well I have kids who do not like veggies, so i have to sneak them in any way I can.

This is one of Brinley's FAVORITE things. She loves this car. It was a gift from my cousin Alissa for her first birthday. When we go places we don't usually take the stroller, we take Brinley's car. Jeremy has to do soccer practice alone with the kids while I am in school and he just keeps it in the truck to use at practice everyday. She LOVES this car. Grayson thinks it fun to try to get air over bumps and jumps at the skate park. I am thankful for the seat belt it has, she definitley needs it.

A good hiding spot. But first they have to take out all my bowls to get in. But otherwise a good place to play.

Brinley is in first place for being our best eater. You hand her something, she will eat it no questions asked. She loves most any fresh fruit or veggie.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Grayson!

Happy birthday Grayson! Nine years old! We just had a small party with cake and ice cream at our house. He didn't get to have a party with his friends because his mean mom did not have time. So we got him a few extra presents.

He wanted a confetti cake, which he frosted. Then Jayden poured orange sugar sprinkles on the corner in a BIG pile. So I shook the cake to disperse them more evenly. Its a one of a kind cake. No duplicates.

Grayson got lots of presents, including a new bike helmet, 2 air soft guns, LOTS of ammo for his new guns (how did eveyone know!?), some camo, a gun case, a movie, money and a game. Really we are not crazy rednecks, he just happened to get alot of hunting stuff. He loved everything! Me, I am too busy playing 5,000 BB pick up to do anything else.

Grayson is a good kid. He is a joy in our lives. He is always quick to thank us for things we do for him. At his party he gave hugs to everyone and said thank you with out us reminding him. He has many friends, he is a good big brother. I am so thankful we have Grayson in our lives and that we are able to be his parents. I hope that in his future he is kind to those around him. That he can stand strong for the things he believes in. That he can be a good example to his family and those around him. That he can make good choices and continue to make us proud!

Pumpkin Patch 2011

We ALWAYS go to Apple Annie's Pumpkin Patch in Willcox, every single year. We have gone maybe 7 times now? It is most definitely a family tradition. It is so much fun to go pick our own pumpkins (even though Walmarts are WAY cheaper).

This year we didn't get as early of a start as we would of liked. We had soccer starting and of course we couldn't miss that. So finally at 11:30 we left for Willcox. We took our annual family picture and hit the fields. We used to limit our kids to only a pumpkin that they could carry, but they keep getting stronger each year so their pumpkins get bigger. Crap! What are we going to do when they are teenagers? (They may not be as into it then....) So we walked the fields being ever so careful not to step on the vines. It was pretty hot so we did not take too long. We got them picked and headed back.

Next up was the Apples Orchard. That is the only fruit Grayson will eat so he is happy to go. Any other fruit he may not be so willing...
I love going every year and spending the time with the ones I love.
(I do not feel like put these in any sensible order, or even commenting on them, they are purely for viewing purposes only)

Brinley was obsessed with Jayden's glasses, she kept them on the whole time.

Jeremy had just got contacts and was still getting used to them. It was too bright for him so he wanted to wear my glasses. I said he looke dlike WIlly Wonka with a beard.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Looking back, WAYYYY back

Yesterday was Grayson's ninth birthday. Wow, nine years already?! For some reason I kept reflecting back to the day Grayson was born. I realized I never really wrote anything down when I scrapbooked his birth. So although it was quite a while ago I thought I would recap alittle, so then Grayson can know the story of his birth.

I was young when Jeremy and I got pregnant with Grayson. Since I was young, I didn't really know the first thing about being pregnant or what to expect. We only knew what we learned from watching the show "Birth Day" on Discovery Health. We were pretty poor and only got three channels, channel 4, channel 11, and Discovery Health. So we watched alot of Birth Day.....and season one of American Idol. We also attended a class at the hospital. I am thankful I never noticed looks from people, because I am sure we got them.

Grayson was an extremely inactive baby. I don't think he moved around like I have felt my others move around. So for this reason I had to go twice a week for non-stress tests. They always made me drink OJ or soda to get him to move. Finally they realized it was because I was not eating enough. Well in the beginning of my pregnancy I could not hardly eat, so the habit carried over to the rest of my pregnancy. So once they told me to eat more often....I got pretty carried away. In one month I gained thirty pounds. No one told me that my metabolism would change after a baby. That the weight doesn't come off automatically. So I gained close to eighty pounds with Grayson.

He still wasn't a big mover, but I guess that was just his personality. Towards the end of my pregnancy they realized I was getting bigger but Grayson wasn't. I was sent for ultrasounds. He wasn't growing anymore. They estimated him to be just over four pounds. So after a week of no growth, the sent me to the hospital to be induced. I was just over 37 weeks. Looking back now, I think I would of fought to stay pregnant longer. I was young and immature and just wanted to not be pregnant anymore. I was willing to go along with whatever they told me just to get him out.

So over to the hospital I went. This was the first grandchild on both sides, so everyone was excited. I got there about 11:00 in the morning. Some after most of our families followed. My room was pretty crowded. Things moved along slowly. They put a gel on my cervix to soften it. And then a few hours later started me on pitocin. At 7:00 that night everyone crowded into my room to watch the show "Friends". It was the season premiere, even the nurse watched it. After the show was over people FINALLY started to go home for the night. Thats when all the exciting stuff happened.

I was finally starting to really feel contractions, and make some progress. While I was waiting I had my sister french braid my hair....into pigtails. So I had pigtails and braces. I was just laying in bed waiting for my epidural when it felt like a ballon popped. Nope it was just my water. It flowed down the bed and onto the floor. And after that I was really feeling my contractions. The nurse got me all cleaned up, more comfortable, so Jeremy went downstairs to get something to eat before stuff closed. I don't know why he was hungry.....I was the one doing all the work. When he was gone the moniters started going crazy. I guess Grayson was not handling labor very well at all. They told me I needed a c-section right away. Someone ran downstairs to get Jeremy and he made it back just before they were ready to take me.

Once I got back to the OR I don't remember much. I only remember being in recovery. There once the anestesia wore off, I started throwing up. Really that has become my recovery tradition, I almost always throw up on someone. Sometimes the nurse, sometimes family, the only time I was not throwing up after a baby was Brinley. By the timeI got back into my room in was pretty much the middle of the night. Then I just slept. I don't remember getting to see Grayson again until early morning. He was five pounds eleven ounces, and born at 9:59pm.

By the time I saw Grayson again I think they had given him a bottle in the nursery. I had specified he was going to be breastfed but I do not think I was very convincing. When I tried to nurse him he would not have anything to do with it. Honestly, I think I could of tried harder. Only once did he nurse, he was about six weeks old. That was the only time. To feed him I pumped and we gave it to him in a bottle. That lasted for almost three months. While we were still in the hospital and I was pumping milk for him, I noticed it had a yellowish color to it. I thought it was that color because I had eaten a whole bag of candy corn.

In the hospital we had LOTS of visitors, mostly family. Some of Jeremy's friends came to visit. I think it was good birth control for them. Since it was my first c-section I did not know what to expect afterwards. I did not get out of my bed for atleast twenty-four hours. I should of been up awhile after the numbness wore off. I did not walk the halls until a whole day after my surgery. I did not know I was supposed to. This made the recovery time much longer I think.

Once we finally got home we were able to fall into more natural roles. We were young, but we knew what Grayson needed and how to care for him. He is a joy in our lives. He helped us learn to become parents.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School (like 2 months ago...)

I am not sure who was more excited for school to start, the kids or me. Its not that I don't enjoy having them at home and spending time together. I want them to go and make friends. To make their own choices. To become their own person.

Grayson is in 4th grade now. This year Mr. Crum is his teacher. It is the first time Grayson has had a male teacher. Grayson has to take his lunch everyday. He is WAY too picky to eat cafeteria food. Grayson is such a smart kid, he just needs to slow down when he does his work. This year he has actual books that he has to bring home to do homework. Sometimes his backpack weighs more then he does. He is getting to be so grown up. He already is asking for a cell phone. Thankfully he isn't too cool to pose for a first day of school photo.

Colby is in 2nd grade. His teacher is Michelle Judd. Colby loves school and was counting down until it started. He also has to take his lunch everyday, just because Grayson does. Colby never wears flip flops to school because he plays soccer everyday at recess. Although this past few weeks they switched over to baseball. He has a very tight group of friends. Its so cute to listen to them talk to one another, sometimes I can't understand any of them. Colby was definietly looking forward to 2nd grade because they are the "big kids" on the playground now.

Jayden started preschool again this year. (Thank goodness) But I was a bad mom and didn't take a picture. He is in Mrs. Jones class and goes two days a week. Everyday when he gets up he asks if he has school today. He is good at making friends st school and always wants to invite them over. I enjoy just those few hours alone with Brinley.

Another person starting school this year was me. Again no picture.....I was going to do one but I forgot. I am starting college. I go to Pima Community College. I suck at online classes, I have tried twice already with online and quickly gave up. So all my classes are in person. I drive to Tucson four nights a week. Yes it is alot of driving, but I enjoy the peace and quiet. We have a teenage girl that comes over to babysit during the gap that I am gone and Jeremy isn't home yet. So far Jeremy is doing pretty good. They aren't always in bed by 8:00 like they are supposed to be, but oh well. We are trying to adjust to having a not-always-clean-house. Not that it was perfect before, but now it takes me most of Friday to get it clean-ish. I am going to school right now just for my basic classes, then when I get all those done I will apply for the nursing program. It may of taken me close to ten years to go to college, but atleast I am trying!

Friday, August 19, 2011

All grown up....(tear)


I can't believe my baby girl is one! It seems like just last week we brought her home. Like just last week I cried in the baby section of Target because I finally had my girl. (That really happened...)

I guess I have to get used to having a one year old, but when I finally do she will probably turn two.


Jeremy and I always throw a big party for our kids when they turn one. Brinley was no exception. We had big ideas for what to eat, but ended up just having hot dogs, deviled eggs, chips and Eegee slushies.


Brinley got lots and lots of presents. She got clothes, a Leap Frog cake that sings, a few babies (some kinda creepy) a car we get to push her in and lots of clothes. She was even pretty willing to help open her presents.


Of course there was plenty of cousins and friends that were ready to jump in and help at any time.




Brinleys cake was made by one of Jeremy's best friends' mom. I loved it! She did such a good job. She made it exactly how I asked for it. But a cold cake in a really warm room in August = a sticky mess. You can see the cake was even sweating.


When I went to get decorations for her party I couldn't find anything that I just "loved". But I kept seeing these awesome zebra print napkins. They were so cool. The only thing I could find to go with them was zebra print paper. So I had to get creative and found some great ideas online. I am very happy with how all the decorations turned out.


Those hung from my ceiling for like two weeks. They matched my could I take them down?

She didn't blow out her candle. Has any one year old ever done it by themselves? So I had to blow it out for her.

Brinley has been such a joy in our lives. Its amazing how you can miss someone when you have never even met them. She was exactly what our family needed. She has brought out the sweetness in her brothers, and has them wrapped around her finger. I love her to pieces. She amazes me everyday. She is my baby even though she is one now.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Mudda's Day

Well another mothers day came and went. We are gradually getting better....or maybe my hopes get smaller each year. This year Jeremy went to the store saturday night instead of the usual sunday morning. (Maybe because we go at 9am) He said it was packed with dads and kids. Apparently he isnt the only procrastinator.
The good thing about having kids in school is they make you presents at school. Yey! Last year I got a visor that said "Best mom" and a necklace that said " I love you". Nice. I dont think anyone got my picture but I did wear them proudly.
But really the holiday isn't about what they got me.....its about them showing their love and appreciation for all I do for them each day. The things that get done that they dont even know about. Like the nights I stay up so their baseball uniforms are clean ( right now). They are my children and without them I wouldn't be a mother.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Crafts

I LOVE spring colors. Not the usual pastels you see in spring, but the pretty bright colors.
I still get together once a week with my good friend Andi to craft. Although we did expand to 3 of us now. These are some of the crafts we have done lately.....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Family Photos

We went and took family pictures a while back. My sister Jennifer was our photographer, and also edited the pictures.

I love getting alot of pictures taken, but what am I supposed to do with them all? I can't possibly hang up every picture.....I have thought about it but decided not to. So I guess I can put them on here instead, that way they can be seem more often then when our screen-saver slide show puts them up.