Monday, December 26, 2011

When do I sleep?

This past 5 months or so have just flown by. Not really sure where they went. I think I may have an idea why....
In the beginning of the summer our family was spending alot of time in hospitals and at the doctors office. My step-mom Lynnell found out she had breast cancer for a second time. There was lots of surgeries and office visits that we went to. For the most part I had to take her because she wasn't able to drive. Then I would also go over and care for her during the day when my dad wasn't home. This was our whole life this summer. But I didn't mind one bit, they needed the help.
During all of this, whenever we were at the hospital I always felt at home. It was an odd feeling. Some people get creeped out, some people say they smell, some people aviod them all together. For me, it feels like home. I have no idea why this is, but I took it as a hint. I decided it was time I went back to school.
Ever since I took a CNA course when I was a senior I wanted to go to school to become an Registered Nurse. Right after high school it wasn't really an option for me. Then a few years later, I tried going to school. We lived in Kingman. I went for a few months, but Jeremy's job paid really well so I decided that I didn't realy need a career. I quit.
A few years later I tried again. But because of earning too much money and some tax issues, we had to pay. So once again, I didn't last too long.
So when I decided last summer to go back to school I did not want to tell anyone. That way if I quit no one would know. But it eventually got out and the world knows.
I qualified for financial aid (thank goodness) so I don't have any excuses. This time we have alot more riding on me finishing. We need one of us to have a job where we feel like an adult. With perks like health insurance, and retirement, and PTO. We have four kids that are getting kinda expensive, so we need me to be successful.
I didn't test very well on the placement exam. So I was put in low classes, low enough that they weren't offered online. I had to drive into Tucson four days a week. I would leave a few hours before Jeremy got home and get back late in the evening. This made for long days for the both of us. Jeremy was pretty much a single date. He had soccer practice for three kids everyday I was gone. He did an awesome job though. I haven't cooked dinner since August, we eat lots of junk. I often ate jerky from a vending machine. When that machine ran out I had to find another one with until my vending machine was restocked. Jeremy and the boys ate lots of frozen pizza, and cheese crisps.
Life didn't stop just because I was in school, we still had evething else to take care of. During last semester I threw two baby showers, and planned my 10 year reunion.
Life is kinda crazy, and I do not see it getting any better, we are just going to have to learn to live in the choas.

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