Friday, February 5, 2010

Yard Sales

Yard sales are always an adventure. You never know what you will find. The saying goes, "One woman's trash is another woman's treasure."
I went to a yard sale today, well technically an estate sale. My good friend Andi and I decided to last minute this morning.
We both have been obsessed with blogs that fix up other peoples what were we in search of??? Junk....but good junk.
So we drove thru Benson and saw no signs, then we see one....Estate sale 8 miles. Well since we had no other options we went.
We finally pull up, and there is ALOT of people. We see 2 different houses. We walk past the first one because we see everyone else going into the other one. The second we walk inside we see this very pretty, old dresser. Well we assumed it was a dresser but it was actually a buffet. They were only asking $30. I am trying to talk Andi into it, but she says she doesn't have anywhere for it. So I say, oh I will think about and go look around. As we walk away I see another woman admiring it and debating about it. So what did I do? I went and bought it before she could. I felt really bad....but I had dreams and visions of what it could be. I am sure she didn't imagine it redone and painted black sitting in her bedroom with other amazing refashioned junk on it.
We looked around some more. In one room we could hardly contain ourselves when we found old giant picture frames...people probably thought we were crazy. But we saw what they could (and will) be.
So we finished up there and went to the house next door. We admire some junk in the yard...debate about a cute little stool (Andi decided to get it) and go inside. This house should of been condemed. This house easily could have been featured on the show Hoarders. We walked in and were hit by an awful smell. All we could was was keep walking. We noticed they lady was alittle off. Then we hear someone ask if she is moving, nope just getting rid of a few things. She said everything is for sale. We were both secretly thinking about asking for random things to see what see says. We hurry thru her house and thru her shed, I was trying to hold my breath. When we got done we felt like we needed a shower and possibly rehab.
All in all it was pretty fun, I can't hardly wait until I can fix up all my junk...I have big plans for it.