Saturday, September 19, 2009

Awesomest Banner Ever

Ok so my picture doesn't do much for the banner....but I am pretty proud of it. That thing took me 5-6 hours to do.
Colby's coach asked all the parents if someone would make a banner because they are supposed to have one, his wife would normally do it BUT she is just about to have a baby. So I volunteered because no one else looked very crafty.
So I had this whole design in my head...I just didn't think about how long it would take. Everything on this banner is hand-cut (my hands) out of felt. It took me sooooo long to do today and I still have to figure out how to hang it on the fence at games.
This banner came at a physical cost to me as well as my time, and money. I did not want to sew at all, so I used my hot glue gun. It worked pretty good...I must of gone thru 20 glue sticks. I had the occasional burnt finger, no big deal. But then after the gun had been on for like 5 hours I was sitting on the ground putting glue on the "c" in Medicine, and I dropped it, glue side down of course, onto the inside of my calve. It REALLLLLY hurt! And whats worse was it was glued to me. So I ripped it off quickly, but it still burnt my leg. I now have a "c" shaped burn on my leg.....and it still hurts. Now I know what Colby went thru went he was burnt a few weeks ago. That so far has been my worst craft accident.
My favorite parts of the banner are: the cute little sharks, the bows on the girl sharks, and the Medicine Shoppe logo.

"The Great White Sharks"

Colby started soccer this week! It was such a cute game. There is 5 kids on his team and they play 3 at a time. Colby did an amazing job his first game. He didn't score a goal yet, but he wasn't shy about getting in there and trying to get the ball. He was just running all over the place. When they get out of bounds, the kids don't even notice they just keep going.
Colby has a girl from his class on his team. Her name is Addy, her dad is the coach. I was told by her mom that she wants to marry Colby when they grow up. So when her dad called to tell me when practice was I joked that it would be a good opportunity for him to get to know Colby and his intentions.....I don't think he got my joke...oh well.

They only get to play 3 quarters of the game so that everyone gets a turn. Apparently Colby thought he was a VIP player and needed to be in the whole took some convincing to get him to stay out. We are looking forward to many more soccer games.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football???

I thought I was. I thought that all the little boys would just run around and follow all the rules.....I was not prepared. What is the first thing you want to do when you see someone being mean to your child??? You want to set them straight. Well as a mom sitting in the bleachers you can't! You have to sit there and watch as another player just chases your son around the whole time, and when he catches him, pushes him down. It was frustrating. And another time he tripped him, and elbowed his face. I THOUGHT IT WAS FLAG FOOTBALL NOT TACKLE!!!! Atleast in tackle they have pads on. Jeremy thought I was going to jump out of the bleaches when the kid elbowed him. I have always thought that when parents yell at the ref or at the coach, or even other players that they were taking it too seriously. But NOW I understand.
It wasn't really bad, just I didn't expect to feel the way I did. I see a future of yelling "He's holding!!!!" and "What was that??!!" and "Where's the flag??!". Its not how I imagined I would be, but it will happen. I have already started, its just loud talking now, but it will develop into yelling. Yep I will be THAT mom. Jeremy will be embarrassed sitting next to me, people will turn around and stare. I love my kids so I will sacrifice myself for them ( I already sacrificed my stomach).
Although I do have to say that it was the cutest game ever. They are so small, yet they still have to play the WHOLE football field. We went thinking no one would score, but those little guys managed to run mini-marathons and got a few touchdowns. Grayson had alot of fun, he played defense. I don't think he is big enough (a whopping 46 pounds) to be playing on the line. When he wasn't playing he was obsessed with drinking his whole Gatorade before the end of the 1st quarter. Then of course he had to leave the field to use the bathroom. I guess I should be thankful he left the was probably pretty tempting with all that grass. His other favorite past times when he wasn't playing was - taking one drink out of each water bottle (ewwwww) then adding water to each bottle, and playing with his mouth guard.

(Grayson with his friend Rylee...such skinny legs!)
Grayson plays every Saturday thru Halloween if anyone wants to come see him play!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

String Cheese?

Last night I was reading Colby and Jayden a book about Dinosaurs before bed. Whenever it would name a new dinosaur Jayden would have to repeat the name back to me, and then show us how he thought it walked. I was telling him that some of the dinosaurs ate plants and some ate meat. When we got to the T-Rex I asked him what he thought it ate....Jaydens reply was he thinks it eats cheese. And not just any cheese....STRING CHEESE. I tried to explain that his arms probably wouldn't reach his mouth, so it wasn't likely....but Jayden had his mind made up about what they ate.

7 yEaRs In tHe mAkInG

Finally they are here!!!! And I want to thank my wonderful mailman for putting them inside my house instead of leaving them outside. I told him to clean up my living room next time. He said ok....he owed us for making us speak in Stake Conference.

Yes I finally got our pictures from the temple. They are everything I hoped they would be. They are so very special to us.
There is 125 on the CD I I am only posting a few of my favorites.
When I told Jeremy I wanted a photographer to come and take our pictures at the Temple, I don't think he was really enthusiastic about it.

I thought it would be better to do before our sealing so it wouldn't be so hot. So that meant we had to leave for the Temple at 9am. It was a mad rush to get out the door in time, and we left all the other stuff for the family to do. By the time we left I was getting annoyed that the boys were hungry, needed a drink...etc.
But we finally got to the Mesa Temple and my mood began to change.

I went in to change into my dress (which Jeremy hadn't seen). I got outside and we talked with Danielle (the photographer) about different shots we wanted.
It was really good for us to do that. It really helped us to slow down and relax. We went all over the Temple grounds. It was even more special because it was our Stake Temple Day, so as we were taking pictures, we kept seeing people we knew walk by.

Another reason it was so fun was because we had to kiss the whole time. And it wasn't just a quick kiss like normal, we had to hold it there. So really we were forced to kiss over and over.

Yes I do realize that Jayden is picking his nose....but ohwell. Whats really funny was he kept putting them on the photographer...good thing she's a mom.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Really Lucky

Ok when you see the pictures on this post you may think I am crazy because of the title...but I don't feel that way.
Last night we went out riding with our neighbors. I rode one of their quads with Grayson and Jayden. Jeremy rode on his with Colby. Jeremy was the last in our line, he got tired of the dust from everyone and decided to make his own road. Well long story short,Jeremy and Colby flipped his quad. Jeremy just got a small scratch on his arm. We think the quad either landed on or hit Colby in the head.
We haven't really made our kids wear helmets when they are on with one of us. When Grayson rides on his own we make him wear a helmet, but not when they ride with us. So no one saw them crash, Jeremy made sure Colby was ok, and then caught up with us.
After we finally got home, Colby was ok. He was starting to get swollen in his face. We had a friend come over to check Colby out, because he wasn't hurt enough to take into the ER....but we wanted to make sure.
He just recommended watching him, told us what to watch for, and to ice his cheek and head.

He wouldn't let me take his picture so I had to wait for him to fall asleep. This morning its alot more purple, but Colby is doing good. He has a few scrapes on his back and chest. I kept him home from school so he could rest. He was joking he was going to crash more often so he could go to Subway for strawberry milk. And what makes it even worse is that he burnt his leg on the exhast 2 days before.

When I think of what could of happened it really scares me. You always hear about kids crashing and getting head injuries, and it killing them. We are so very thankful that Colby and Jeremy were both ok. I can hardly think about what could of happened without getting teary. I hope no one thinks I blame Jeremy, it wasn't his fault. I am just using this as a reminder that we really need to cherish our time with our family, and I shouldn't get upset about little things and waste that time being angry.
We will still continue to ride and let our kids ride, but you can be sure that they will always wear a helmet now.