Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First Day of School x3

Seems like we just started summer, but here we are at August 8th, the first day of school. The boys were all excited, but I was probably the most excited. I am not a mom that misses my kids all day when they are gone. I love the peace, not having to hear them fight over whose turn it is to play a game, or pick a show, or they are hungry AGAIN. I was very much looking forward to being home with just Brinley.
Jayden was especially excited since this was his first year. He had been in preschool for two years. Two years of only two days a week for not even three hours. Needless to say being almost six years old he was more than ready for kindergarten. He got up early and watched me pack his lunch. He said he didn't want the grapes I was packing. I informed him that in order to have the fun food he had to have grapes. And also that his teacher was going to call me to tell me if he didn't eat them....hopefully that worked. Speaking of his teacher, Jayden's teacher is Mrs. Gillette. In preschool there wasn't much structure, so I knew he needed a teacher that was fun, but would lay down the law and keep him in line.
When we pulled up to the school and I shut off the truck Jayden was appalled I was walking him to class. He said he could go himself...thanks alot. So I told him I always walk them to their class on the first day so I can take a picture. He hung up his back pack like he had been doing for years, and just walked into class. I teared up alittle when I asked his teacher for a quick picture. He was just so grown up and not even concerned that I was leaving him all day.
Colby is in the 3rd grade. 3rd grade means a whole new playground, the same one as Grayson. Colby's teacher is really young in fact her parents came to the open house last night. They really did. They were so excited for their daughters first teaching job they came to support her. Her mom was walking around taking pictures. It was funny. I love getting brand new teachers, they are so full of enthusiasm and ready to go! I hope Colby has a great year.
Grayson is nearing middle school, 5th grade this year. Next year he can do school sports....yikes. Grayson has the same teacher as last year. Not because he failed, he had straight A's, just his teacher moved up also. He really enjoyed Mr. Crum last year and got along with him so well I really hoped he would get him again. Grayson has always been a quick learner and never needed help with his homework. I really hope this continues because I have enough of my own homework to do. *****Let these awful pictures serve as proof to my husband I REALLY need a new camera.