Friday, January 29, 2010

Pregnancy Blog

Just to let everyone know I am doing a different blog for all baby-related stuff. Just click on the link to the right and it should take you there!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Its kinda weird when your kids get old enough to have friends sleep over. So one of Grayson's friends mom calls last week and asks if her son can sleep over because her daughter is having a giant sleepover. So we say yeah that's fine. So I don't want Colby to feel left out when Graysons' friend is over so I invited his friend over to stay the night. Thank goodness Jayden doesn't really have friends yet. So just after the party started I ran to Walmart because I knew they would want food. The pregnant one was the wrong one to send....I can home with alot of junk...some of which I hid so they couldn't eat. I bought french fries, Double Stuf Oreos (is there any other kind?), Doritos, Peanut Butter Captin Crunch, Special K cereal, Cinnoman Rolls, and a roll of cookie dough. Not to mention I made rice krispie treats. So the boys played the Xbox, and jumped outside. But their favorite thing to do was take off their shirts, and sit right in front of the fire place until their back was burning, and then run around screaming. At one point I had to stop it because their backs were beet red. Then people will say, "Don't let your kids go to the Sherman's, they will get set on fire". But it was so cute to see 5 boys sitting around with no shirts on and ribs and elbows and collar bones sitting out all over. Pretty soon they won't even want us around during their sleepovers, they will hide in their rooms. Atleast then poor Jeremy won't have to stay up until after midnight with them.

Wow...didn't see this coming

The past few month alot has been up in the air, unknown, undecided...etc. And for me that is REALLY stressful. I can't stand not knowing what is going to happen, especially when I am pregnant and a control freak. Our landlord is crazy. (Its along shot, but hopefully she doesn't read my blog....or she might sue me for slander) She is a huge control freak (and she isn't even pregnant...atleast I have an excuse) She really does sue people quite alot...including the last people that lived in our house...yikes. So we heard from the realtor that she wanted to raise our rent. She wants to raise it $100 a month...and she hasn't even done anything to justify the raise. So naturally we were pretty ticked off. So we kinda started looking around for other places to rent. Wow. If you have even looked at rentals in the Benson/St. David area you know what I mean by wow. Not really much out there. I decided that I don't want to live in Benson because I honestly don't want to be in that ward. So there went a good 3/4 of our choices.
We finally talk to our realtor about it.....who by the way is also scared of the landlord. The landlord finally decides that we can either sign a year lease, and stay at the same price, or we can do month-to-month and pay an extra $100. Jeremy's brother Branson has lived with us for as long as we have lived in this house, and he has decided to move on and live with Lanae. So now we know that we really have to find a new place. And I was really stressed out.
We jokingly say something about moving to my Dad's house, and then it becomes more serious. Until finally everything else we try falls thru and in the last day or so we have decided that yes....we are moving to my dad's.
It's not our dream situation, but it will definitly help us out.
We have a plan.....we will live there, pay off debt, improve our credit, buy property, and follow a local trend.... Build a shop with cash and live in it until a house is built. I keep warning everyone that I am territorial and cranky and will need my space. I don't think they take me seriously. So wish us luck! We are moving the end of February. In our near future I see lots of double dates with Brea & Landon (who are in a similar situation). Atleast we have someone to sympathize with.

Kid #4

Yes we are expecting our 4th baby...probably our 4th boy...but miracles do happen so who knows. We are due on August 10th.
A common question we are asked is if we are going to find out what we are having...and to answer that question.....yes we will. We will find out on August 10th (or whenever it comes) what we are having. Its so funny to see how upset people get when they hear we won't know as soon as everyone else. (WARNING...mushy pregnant moment) But honestly there is NOTHING in the world that compares to that moment just after the baby comes out and the doctor tells you what your baby is, and then you can actually see and hold it. That moment doesn't even compare with the few seconds of joy in an ultrasound room when some stranger tells you what you are having, and then it is followed by a big letdown when you have another 4-5 months until you can even see your baby. For Jeremy and I, this is what makes it exciting, since it is always a planned c-section.
We look forward to having a sweet little baby that doesn't get toys out, or run around screaming, or tattles on its brothers, or takes over the tv.....atleast for now.

Catch - Up

So it seems like it has been FOREVER since I added anything to my blog. Since I don't want to do one BIG blog...I will do a few short ones about a few different things going on in our lives right now.