Friday, August 19, 2011

All grown up....(tear)


I can't believe my baby girl is one! It seems like just last week we brought her home. Like just last week I cried in the baby section of Target because I finally had my girl. (That really happened...)

I guess I have to get used to having a one year old, but when I finally do she will probably turn two.


Jeremy and I always throw a big party for our kids when they turn one. Brinley was no exception. We had big ideas for what to eat, but ended up just having hot dogs, deviled eggs, chips and Eegee slushies.


Brinley got lots and lots of presents. She got clothes, a Leap Frog cake that sings, a few babies (some kinda creepy) a car we get to push her in and lots of clothes. She was even pretty willing to help open her presents.


Of course there was plenty of cousins and friends that were ready to jump in and help at any time.




Brinleys cake was made by one of Jeremy's best friends' mom. I loved it! She did such a good job. She made it exactly how I asked for it. But a cold cake in a really warm room in August = a sticky mess. You can see the cake was even sweating.


When I went to get decorations for her party I couldn't find anything that I just "loved". But I kept seeing these awesome zebra print napkins. They were so cool. The only thing I could find to go with them was zebra print paper. So I had to get creative and found some great ideas online. I am very happy with how all the decorations turned out.


Those hung from my ceiling for like two weeks. They matched my could I take them down?

She didn't blow out her candle. Has any one year old ever done it by themselves? So I had to blow it out for her.

Brinley has been such a joy in our lives. Its amazing how you can miss someone when you have never even met them. She was exactly what our family needed. She has brought out the sweetness in her brothers, and has them wrapped around her finger. I love her to pieces. She amazes me everyday. She is my baby even though she is one now.