Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat!

Halloween has come and gone already, and all we have to show for it is bags of candy, and a stomach ache (ok just I have a stomach ache). Seems like October just started and now its already over. Despite that fact that time flies we still took full advantage of the scary/silly/fun holiday called Halloween.
We kicked off Halloween by decorating WAYYYY back in the beginning of September. So the boys were really counting down to when it was really going to be Halloween. Our first major event was the Trunk or Treat at the school. I have no pitures from this event because 1) it was darkish 2) I was flying solo because Jeremy decided he NEEDED to hike 20 miles in the Grand Canyon with his older brother that same day 3)it was just a busy day and I knew I would take plenty before trick or treating. Nevertheless we had lots of fun setting up our booth and giving out candy. I love seeing all the little kids come by and get excited about the free candy. They are all so cute, its a favorite of mine. After the trunk or treat was over, Lynnell noticed her ring was missing. But due to quick Facebook action, and an AlertNow call sent out by the school it was recovered the next day.
I never like spending money on the cheap, poorly made costumes that stores sell. For the past 2 or 3 years I have gotten by just borrowing or reusing old costumes. But this year we really needed some new ones. Grayson didn't really want to dress up because he is getting old, so I talked him into some zombie face paint. He went along with it simply because he wanted the candy. We used some costume blood, and even after a shower and some soap his face is still red. Ooops. I am sad that he is getting too old to want to dress up, and have to be talked into it.
After watching the Avengers 500 times Colby wanted to be Hawk Eye. But where in the world do you find a Hawk Eye costume??? Google it! I just simply put in "homemade hawk eye costume" and bam.....900,000 results. There had to be something I could use in there. There was. A woman had made a very cute costume for her son when the movie came out, and left step by step instructions. So after going on a spending spree in JoAnnes, Colby was good to go. Jayden originally wanted to be the Hulk...not really one I could make. So I talked him into a mummy. He wasn't thrilled, but once I added zombie mummy he was all for it. His costume was easy to make except that it took FOREVER. I spent hours making sure that every part was covered by the wrap...then after five minutes of him running around everything shifted...oh well.
Last year my brother Nathan said that Brinley looked like Cindy-Lou-Who from the Grinch, and she should be that for Halloween. Well she was still too little, and her hair was too short to do anything with. So I waited the whole year to dress her as Cindy-Lou-Who. I looked at tons of pictures and realized that I already had a dress and shoes that worked. So I enlisted my mother in law to make the cape since I was busy with other costumes. She did an excellent job, all I did was add the rope to make it more "Who". She was perfect and it ended up being one of my favorite costumes ever.
Every parent has a different strategy when it comes to the candy. Some let them take two pieces and get rid of the rest. Other parents let kids have a piece or two a day. Others just let them eat to their hearts desire. My theory is let them eat it all right away them I won't have to deal with it. It goes into a gallon ziplock bag and stays on the counter, then they can just eat it whenever. Of course if I see them just eating the whole thing at once I stop them. But really I pick thru it when they are at school and get the good stuff out.
All in all I really like Halloween. Its just the cleanup, and opening piece after piece of candy for Brinley. Then when she doesn't like it, she makes me eat it. But as we got back in the truck after the houses she picked out a piece of candy at a time and had me turn the light on, and show me. It was too cute!

Six Things About Our Favorite Six Year Old

Number 1: You have the MOST energy I have ever seen. Sometimes you remind me of a ping pong ball just bouncing all over the place. You never seen to run out, like ever. It does not really matter if you eat 20 cupcakes, or 20 carrot still have more than enough energy. When we try to get to to hold still, you still have to move your hand, or foot or SOMETHING just so that you are still moving.
Number 2: You are the craziest kid on the trampoline. You just get on there with your big brothers and bounce away. Sometimes they bounce you really high, but to you it does not matter. You are not afraid to try new tricks either. You just put your mind to it, and all of a sudden you are doing flips, and hand stands....and other stuff I would never try in a million years.
Number 3: You love being outside. You somehow find endless things to do outside: Dig holes, jump, shot your BB gun, climb the hill, hang ropes in trees then swing, chase the cats, catch bugs, sharpen sticks, play in the are just an outdoors boy.
Number 4: You are a great brother. You really look up to your older brothers, even though they are not always the nicest to you. What ever it is they are doing, you want to do it to. When it comes to video games you always want to play too. They do not always play fair, saying that after you die its their turn again. But it never matters to you as long as you are right there with them. You are a sweet big brother to Brinley. You go jump with her, and help her with her babies, and steal her snacks from her.
Number 5: You are a sweet boy. There is never a night that you don't give us a hug and kiss goodnight. Number 6: You make our family complete. If we didn't have you in our family we would be lost. You are a special part of us. You are here to bring of love, joy, laughter. And to teach us patience.We love you Jayden!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Work in Progress

As many times as we have tried to use the potty, she has never been successful. We have always heard that girls are "easier" to potty train. With the boys they were close to three before we even attempted. With Brinley being well over two I thought she would catch on. Lets hope she gets the hang of it before she is a big sister.

Friday, September 28, 2012


We were driving home, Jeremy from work, me from picking kids up, when Jeremy spotted this guy. He was crossing the road just before our driveway and Jeremy couldn't resist him. When I pulled up Jeremy was just standing by it, occasionally putting his foot up to stop him from leaving. Grayson ran back to the house so he could get a picture with his new ipod. Then Jeremy wanted me to run and get my fancy new camera. When I left the gila monster was on the ground.....a few minutes later I returned out of breath with my camera and Jeremy was holding it.
I guess it crawled under his foot so he reached down while the kids were yelling "NO!" and just picked it up. Ewwwww! I CAN. NOT. BELIEVE. HE. DID. THAT! I was ready to smack him.....except that he was holding a giant lizard, so I kept my distance. He kept telling us, "Touch it, touch will NEVER get a chance EVER AGAIN" All the boys did, but not Brinley. I even gave in to Jeremy, it was gross. It felt like corn on the cob that dried out. Blech!
Jeremy this whole time was talking like Steve Irwin. He isn't to bad at talking with the accent. He also claimed he has a bucket list, not something I want to see. He said he can cross this off, and next is holding a rattle snake.
All I know is that next time I see this guy crossing the road I will just keep going because I have no intention of stopping and picking it up. ****No Gila Monsters were harmed in making of this blog.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First Day of School x3

Seems like we just started summer, but here we are at August 8th, the first day of school. The boys were all excited, but I was probably the most excited. I am not a mom that misses my kids all day when they are gone. I love the peace, not having to hear them fight over whose turn it is to play a game, or pick a show, or they are hungry AGAIN. I was very much looking forward to being home with just Brinley.
Jayden was especially excited since this was his first year. He had been in preschool for two years. Two years of only two days a week for not even three hours. Needless to say being almost six years old he was more than ready for kindergarten. He got up early and watched me pack his lunch. He said he didn't want the grapes I was packing. I informed him that in order to have the fun food he had to have grapes. And also that his teacher was going to call me to tell me if he didn't eat them....hopefully that worked. Speaking of his teacher, Jayden's teacher is Mrs. Gillette. In preschool there wasn't much structure, so I knew he needed a teacher that was fun, but would lay down the law and keep him in line.
When we pulled up to the school and I shut off the truck Jayden was appalled I was walking him to class. He said he could go himself...thanks alot. So I told him I always walk them to their class on the first day so I can take a picture. He hung up his back pack like he had been doing for years, and just walked into class. I teared up alittle when I asked his teacher for a quick picture. He was just so grown up and not even concerned that I was leaving him all day.
Colby is in the 3rd grade. 3rd grade means a whole new playground, the same one as Grayson. Colby's teacher is really young in fact her parents came to the open house last night. They really did. They were so excited for their daughters first teaching job they came to support her. Her mom was walking around taking pictures. It was funny. I love getting brand new teachers, they are so full of enthusiasm and ready to go! I hope Colby has a great year.
Grayson is nearing middle school, 5th grade this year. Next year he can do school sports....yikes. Grayson has the same teacher as last year. Not because he failed, he had straight A's, just his teacher moved up also. He really enjoyed Mr. Crum last year and got along with him so well I really hoped he would get him again. Grayson has always been a quick learner and never needed help with his homework. I really hope this continues because I have enough of my own homework to do. *****Let these awful pictures serve as proof to my husband I REALLY need a new camera.

Monday, December 26, 2011

When do I sleep?

This past 5 months or so have just flown by. Not really sure where they went. I think I may have an idea why....
In the beginning of the summer our family was spending alot of time in hospitals and at the doctors office. My step-mom Lynnell found out she had breast cancer for a second time. There was lots of surgeries and office visits that we went to. For the most part I had to take her because she wasn't able to drive. Then I would also go over and care for her during the day when my dad wasn't home. This was our whole life this summer. But I didn't mind one bit, they needed the help.
During all of this, whenever we were at the hospital I always felt at home. It was an odd feeling. Some people get creeped out, some people say they smell, some people aviod them all together. For me, it feels like home. I have no idea why this is, but I took it as a hint. I decided it was time I went back to school.
Ever since I took a CNA course when I was a senior I wanted to go to school to become an Registered Nurse. Right after high school it wasn't really an option for me. Then a few years later, I tried going to school. We lived in Kingman. I went for a few months, but Jeremy's job paid really well so I decided that I didn't realy need a career. I quit.
A few years later I tried again. But because of earning too much money and some tax issues, we had to pay. So once again, I didn't last too long.
So when I decided last summer to go back to school I did not want to tell anyone. That way if I quit no one would know. But it eventually got out and the world knows.
I qualified for financial aid (thank goodness) so I don't have any excuses. This time we have alot more riding on me finishing. We need one of us to have a job where we feel like an adult. With perks like health insurance, and retirement, and PTO. We have four kids that are getting kinda expensive, so we need me to be successful.
I didn't test very well on the placement exam. So I was put in low classes, low enough that they weren't offered online. I had to drive into Tucson four days a week. I would leave a few hours before Jeremy got home and get back late in the evening. This made for long days for the both of us. Jeremy was pretty much a single date. He had soccer practice for three kids everyday I was gone. He did an awesome job though. I haven't cooked dinner since August, we eat lots of junk. I often ate jerky from a vending machine. When that machine ran out I had to find another one with until my vending machine was restocked. Jeremy and the boys ate lots of frozen pizza, and cheese crisps.
Life didn't stop just because I was in school, we still had evething else to take care of. During last semester I threw two baby showers, and planned my 10 year reunion.
Life is kinda crazy, and I do not see it getting any better, we are just going to have to learn to live in the choas.


I was really slacking and didn't take any pictures....I know, it's awful.

This year for Thanksgiving it was Jeremy's family's turn. We all take turns hosting, it goes down thru the line. This time around it was Lanae's turn. Which was a bit tricky since she had just had a baby a week earlier. But it all turned out fine.
We pretty much just ate, and ate and then cleaned up and left.
Jeremy left that same evening to go hunting for the weekend. I on the other hand went home and rested up for some Black Friday shopping.
Then the rest of the weekend was me being mad he wasn't back yet.