Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's a girl?!

Seeing as how this post has taken me 4 different days to try to post, I am not going to go into alot of details, more just like comment on each picture.

This was me the sunday before we had our baby. Yes.....I was huge.

I know I can't possibly be the only woman who does their hair and makeup before going in to have a baby. I was kinda realistic, I didn't do eye makeup because I knew I would probably cry.

Here we are ready and waiting to go down to the OR. I was getting pretty nervous since the doctor was going into extreme detail about all the risks of surgery. They did my bloodwork and found that my platelet count was low. My count was 101 and if it had been 100 or lower I would of had to go to sleep for surgery. That was pretty scary to hear. But since I didn't want to stay pregnant forever, I opted for the surgery. They wheeled me down and had Jeremy wait outside while they prepped me. They hadn't even layed me down on the table and I was already crying. The doctor went to work on me. It seemed like forever that they were cutting, and pushing and pulling on me. Then they got the head out, and Jeremy said he thought, "Uhh oh, that looks like a boy head", but then they pulled the baby out and announced it's a girl! It was almost like a scene out of a movie, I remember the nurses clapping and celebrating. Of course I was crying again. I think Jeremy probably shed a few tears also. I told the doctors I needed to see to believe.

Wow. I guess it really is a girl! Crazy! At this point everything was getting kinda groggy, and I was having trouble staying awake. I just remember after Jeremy and our baby girl left for the nursery they were talking about my nurse who had just become a US citizen. You would think their focus should of been on me?!

Jeremy went with her down to the nursery. Since I was still in the OR and then in recovery, I left it up to him to tell everyone our good news. The first text he sent was to our kids, he just put, "He's here". Then when they got up to the nursery and were peeking thru the window he took her diaper off and flashed her girl parts.

After getting her height and weight, 7'2 and 19 1/2 inches, they came back down to visit me in recovery. And waited with me there until I was stable enough to go up to my room. Jeremy kept getting texts on his phone and on mine. I tried replying to a few but couldn't concentrate very well. So I have no idea what I sent a few people. After staying an extra hour or so because my temp was too low we finally made our way up to our room so she could meet her big brothers.

Poor Colby, I guess he thought I was just be waiting in the room completely normal with a baby, instead he came in and I was pale and laying in bed. The poor guy got really scared and ran to Jeremy and cried. He eventually calmed down and wanted to hold his sister. At this point we still hadn't decided on a name, it was between Mallory and Brinley. So we asked the boys which name they like, Jayden said he didn't like either. Instead he combined the names and said he wanted to name her Muggy. Cute.....but not quite the name we were looking for.
We spent the rest of the day trying to decide on her name.
Finally the next morning we had decided to name her
Brinley Ilene Sherman.

Colby was the first to hold her, and always wants to hold her. Jayden does now too. They both like to kiss her head, and give her hugs. Grayson likes her, but still hasn't held her. We think he may be alittle bit scared because she is so small.

Those first few days it didn't really seem real that she was a girl. It felt really odd to say "daughter" or "girl" or anything like that. It was like the nursery was bringing us the wrong baby.

Of course she had to wear a flower on the way home. Since we didn't know what we were having I had 2 boy outfits and 2 girl outfits with us. And of course the flower. The one thing I didn't bring was a girl blanket, so she had to use a boy blanket until we went to target on the way home. Yes I know I am crazy but we did go to Target before we went home. Its almost a tradition. I didn't have really anything at home for her to wear, or any blankets. So we went to target. So we get to the baby section and what do I do? I start crying. All these months I had been going thru the baby section looking and dreaming about different things I wanted if it was a girl, and now here she was. It was those dang pregnancy hormones that hadn't gone away yet.

Jeremy is so sweet with his little girl. I can hardly write anything with getting emotional. To hear him call her princess and other things was such a change. Before I would see things that said stuff about "Daddy's little girl" and think that it was dumb....but now I understand. It is such a different feeling with Brinley. Not that I don't love my boys, but its just different. I am more protective of her. I don't want her passed around, because I want to hold her.