Thursday, March 18, 2010

Found some dinner

Baseball is beginning to take up ALOT of our time. Which we knew was going to happen. I just thought it would be once the games started. But no, the boys only have practice and we will be at the park 4 nights a week. Yikes.

The one thing that is nice is that while one kid is practicing there is another for Jayden to play with. And they are really tired when we leave. Also I am able to get alittle exercise in and walk around the park a few times.

SO we were at Colby's practice yesterday and Jayden was digging in the dirt like normal. He brought us over some sunflower seeds he found in the dirt and told us he found us some dinner...he was serious too. EWWWW.

Some other fun things we have him do is race one of his brothers to the fence and back....the fence at the other end of the field. He thinks its so fun....we enjoy the peace for a few minutes, and he uses up some of his endless energy.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Some kind of Record

Well I don't have any pictures...and this is kinda something you have to see to believe. Jayden learned to ride a bike! The amazing part is he doesn't use training wheels.
One day a about a month ago (I know I am behind) he went over to our neighbors house to play. I can home from work and he came out side and said, "I can ride a bike now". SO I asked him to show me. He couldn't start on his own, but as soon as I let go of the seat he just kept going. He was 3 years and 3 months old. Crazy.
So when Jeremy got home it was already dark, but Jayden HAD to show his dad what he could do.
Probably 2 days later I guess Jayden was tired of having us help him when ever he had to start again. (He did have frequent crashes, nothing too serious ) So after us trying to show him how to start on his own a few times....he just took over. He was pretty excited. We also noticed he stands up when he pedals.
He had been doing that just about 5 mintues when I started to ask Jeremy how long he thought it would be before Jayden mastered that and needed to learn something new, when I looked over and saw him trying to do a wheelie. He gets his tire a few inches off the ground, but he is pretty proud. After a few mintues of that he thought it was fun to speed up just before he stops so he can skid to a stop. He didn't stop there.....a little while later he wanted a ramp. Yes he wanted to start jumping on his bike. So Jeremy built a small dirt ramp for him to jump......and he did.
I know that its only a matter of time before he starts doing really crazy stuff.
Since we have moved over to my dad's house and we made the rule "NO RIDING ON THE PORCH" because we are worried about the stairs....what does Jayden do???! He mastered the 3 stairs off the scares me. He says it hurts his butt.
His latest trick as of today is riding while eating a popsicle. He goes part of the time using one hand. PLEASE don't let him think of going with no hands.
I didn't even learn to ride until 2nd crazy is Jayden??!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


SO as a mom of three boys, we do at home hair cuts. We always do it about a week after we say we are going to, and they are usually WAY past needing ones (including Jeremy). This time I gave the haircuts, they are now sporting an army look. Their hair is buzzed pretty short.....that way its longer in between times.
I always laugh when I look at other families made up of mostly boys, you can always tell when it's haircut day. Our neighbors at our old house has 4 boys. We would laugh when we drove by and could see the boys lined up outside waiting their turn.
I don't quite understand nature sometimes. Why is it that boys get such pretty, soft, thick hair? Mine are no exception. As I cut of Jaydens' pretty blond hair I thought what a waste it was. Colby's hair was really soft and perfectly straight. Grayson has that same thick, blond wavy hair as Jayden. I would be willing to bet a million dollars that if/when I have a girl she will be bald until she is 2 like I was. I don't quite understand that.