Friday, December 25, 2009

Blog PTO

Ok I just want to let everyone (well the like 2 people) who read my blog....I have no internet at home right that means I can't really do much to my blog. I am not quite sure when we will get it again. But the good news is I can read everyone else's at work....I just can't comment or do a new post. So I guess for now I am a lurker.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some crazy things said by my kids....

"What??!.....Jesus doesn't live in a house!!! He lives at church!!" - We went to the Mesa Temple to see the Christmas lights and Jayden was looking at a display. There was a man standing at it (a fake person) and it wasn't even Jesus. But since he had long-ish hair....Jayden just assumed it was. So then he had to make it known to Jeremy and I that Jesus lives at church.

"Umm, why was Jonathans' grandpa dressed like Santa?"
- Wow isn't that the question that every parent fears (right next to ...where do babies come from, or how is your baby going to come out). So we were at our ward christmas party last night, and Santa came to visit the kids. Grayson and Colby both stood in line to see him, but Jayden would only look from afar. As we were leaving we were asking what they said to Santa, and Grayson asks us," Why was Jonathan's grandpa dressed as Santa?" So I told him that Santa is REALLY busy right now trying to get ready and he can't make it to every party, so he has helpers. BUT the helpers report exactly to Santa what each child asked for. He seemed ok with that answer...but I know soon enough some bratty kid will ruin it for him.

"Jayden why don't you want to see Santa?" "Because he will know I was naughty."
- Jayden will not go see Santa. He would barely go near him to get a bag of candy. So I was trying to talk him into it....I asked if he was scared of him, he said no. So I asked him why and he told me because Santa will know he was naughty.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Wow...thanksgiving has come and gone already.
That's so crazy. I wasn't even able to
take any pictures....I was way too busy being
the hostess. Oh well. I know that my good
sister-in-law Heidi will email me some. :-)
So I thought I would list a few things that I am thankful for....
(watch out its mushy towards the end...just warning you)
1) My Family and I don't just mean Jeremy & my boys....
I mean ALL of my family.....I am very lucky to live close
to most of my brothers and sisters and my dad and Lynnell.
And I feel very blessed that we are all happy and healthy.
2) My Friends I fell pretty lucky to have alot of good friends.
Friends that I can talk to about anything, friends that I can
call after I don't get enough sympathy from Jeremy,
friends that I can gossip with,
friends that give spiritual advice,
friends that I can count on for anything.
3) My Kids I am lucky to have 3 easy going, happy,
healthy, crazy kids that are full of life. I am thankful that
they are all learning and making friends.
4) My Husband What can I say about Jeremy that would do him justice....
He has ALWAYS been there for me and has always loved me.
He puts up with my crazy mood swings
(I don't think we have seen the worst of them yet)
and doesn't even say a word. He gives the kids baths
(I HATE doing that) so that I don't have to.
He is worthy to hold the priesthood, and after many years
with out it in our is a big blessing.
I am thankful everyday that he waited for me.