Thursday, August 20, 2009

You never know...A good experience I had today

Ok so I don't really know if I can explain this clearly..but I am going to try. When I started the job that I currently have, people would (and still do) tell me that not everyone is going to listen. I know that, I am realistic. So my reply is always, "Well it is worth it if I get one kid to change their mind". So I started last March. In April I started teaching Abstinence Education in Willcox. I did the 10th and 11th graders. It was my first time teaching alone, and I had a really bad cold, and a GIANT cold sore on my upper lip. It was kinda funny, I just said it was a visual aid. So I wasn't really sure if I got thru to any of them, but oh well.
So today I went to a Career Fair at Willcox High School. I was kinda excited to see if any students recognized me. And most did. Well during the time that the seniors were in there, a senior boy came over to my table. He said, "Mrs. Sherman I just wanted to say thank you for coming and teaching us last year. And I decided to be abstinent after taking the classes." So I was like, "Oh that's awesome, gob job,...etc." And he said,"Yeah and I treat girls alot different now and I really changed the kind of girl I go out on dates with." So I again said, "Wow that's really cool.....etc." So I had some small talk with him for a few mintues and then I asked him what I had been asking all the other seniors, "What are your plans after you graduate?" He said, "I am going to stay around here for a few months and then I am going on a mission." I was so shocked, I had no idea this kid was LDS, and I don't know if he knew I was. So of course again I was like, "Oh thats great, congratulations...etc.."
When he first told me I was pretty happy for him. But later today as I drove home for Willcox I thought about it more, and it left a pretty big impression on me. I always told people that if I could change one kid, it would be worth it. But this boy, it just amazes me to think about. Not because he looks like a bad kid, but because of all the good he can do because of his choice. The long term affects it could have, not only on him but for others.
I dont' know if anyone else can appreciate this as much as I do....but I had to write about it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I have a new niece...her name is Ava. She was born Friday August 15th. Her favorite things are: Nursing, sleeping, riding in her car seat, and letting her big sister hold her.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I knew this day would come........

Having all boys and a very out-going husband.....I always knew that this day would could not be avoided.

Yes we are the new owners of a cute little dirt bike. I have no idea what it is.. whatever numbers and letters...I have no idea. I was not too happy at first, especially because he didn't get a helmet. But I do have to admit its pretty cute. The boys were REALLY excited. Jeremy took turns taking each of them on rides. Jayden doesn't like his turn to end. They all thought it would be funny to see mommy ride it. So Jeremy took me on a ride too (apparently we didn't exceed the weight limit). I got even braver and had Jeremy show me how to work it and went on a solo ride. I figure if Grayson can ride it all by himself I can do it too.
Well we told the boys they have to wear shoes and pants when they ride, so when they want to ride they come ask, "Mommy please put my shoes on so I can ride the motorcycle." So I just tell them if they are old enough to ride it why do they need their Mommy to put their shoes on????

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back to School

Yey!!!! School is here once again. The boys were so excited for school, they were up at 6am dressed and ready to go. Niether one would eat any breakfast...they just wanted to know when we could leave already.

Colby is in kindergarten!!!! How crazy. He was super excited because he had all his friends in his class with Mindy, Aaron and Addie. Last year in pre school there was only him and one other boy. So it was exciting when we went to class and saw there was alot of boys. He was really excited to eat lunch at school. He wasn't sad, he didn't cry, he just walked over and started playing.

Grayson was ready for second grade. At the open house the night before he started seeing his friends and saw who was in his class with him....he was so cute. He is in Mrs. Judd's class. She is a long time family friend so we were really glad he got her. She taught my younger brothers Josh and Nathan. Grayson said she has called him Nathan a few times already. When we went to school on the first day Grayson just left me in the parking lot, he didn't want me to walk him to class or anything....doesn't anyone need their mommy anymore????!?

When I took Grayson to kindergarten on the first day I took a picture with him on his teachers lap. So naturally I wanted to do the same with Colby....especially since Colby has Mrs. Brubaker too. But he would not leave the group of boys he was playing with....we finally talked him into it, and he just walked Mrs. Brubaker rolled her chair over to him and I got him just before he got away.

Tried to make bread

Ok so I have really been wanting to learn to make homemade bread. Mostly Jeremy wants me to learn. I just keep putting it off. Then I was reading The Work and The Glory, and they were talking about walking past someones campsite and smelling homemade bread. Then I started to fell guilty...imagine all the trouble they had to go thru to make it with no counter, or sink, or even an oven. And I had eveything I needed...except experience. So out of guilt I tried. It didn't turn out too bad. After a few days it wasn't as good, but it seemed ok.

Sherman Family Retreat

We went on a Sherman Family Retreat in late July. We went to Pinetop, AZ. We did lots of fun stuff together, but mostly just hung out. We went on a hike and found this field of flowers. Something you can't see in the background was a very tall, dead tree the "boys" (our husbands) tried to push didn't work....but it was sure funny to watch. They eventually found a dead baby tree that they could push over...what big tough guys they are.

There was a day when the guys went fishing and us women and children stayed behind. Nona brought all the stuff to teach us to make jelly. She brought grapes from her garden and we taught Jennifer and Catlyn to make jelly/jam.

While we were making jelly, the guys went fishing. They rented boats and stayed out all day....without sunscreen. I have never heard so much whinning in my life. They burnt the tops of their knees and their arms and feet. What big babies!!! The only one justified was Jason because his ended up blistering.

It was really great to get away for the weekend and spend time together. Each of us had our own apartment. Grayson and Colby took turns sleeping next door with Grandma Nona.

There was always a kid under our feet. The first retreat we had, there was no kids...this time there was 11 kids...and we were missing 2. Next year we will add atleast one more, hopefully two. We laughed about how retreats will be when we have teenagers....and thats not to far away.