Thursday, June 17, 2010

My yard sale find completed

Way back in February I went to a yard sale with my friend Andi. I found this buffet and loved it instantly. Well I didn't realized how much I loved it until I saw another woman talking about buying it. So I ran over and bought it before she could. I paid $30 for it.

I forgot to take a complete before picture since I was in a hurry to redo it. But my attention span was more like Jayden's and I soon lost interest. Not that I still didn't love it....I just didn't feel like working on it. But now with us moving this weekend and not having a dresser (thats what I plan to use it for) I thought I better get moving.
During the time I wasn't working on it, it became the home of an old a/c unit...thanks dad. And also where they put the cats food bowl so the dogs wouldn't get it. So it got alittle dirty on top and had cat footprints.....had to re-sand the top.
So today when I went to stain the edges I noticed some yellow splatters on the side....our STUPID dog peed on it!!!! I was so mad.
So today the first thing Jeremy is doing when he gets home is moving it to the safety (safe from my dad, the cats, and Sam) of our new (new to us anyway) house. This way it will be protected.

Here is it finished.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The rest of them

Ok...its been like a million years since I updated my blog, or even finished my Disneyland I am going to to a very brief wrap-up.

Ummmm, this is what pregnant women buy at Disneyland. (Well only one is mine, the other is Lynnell's, I talked her into it by saying I wasn't sharing mine. But really they are soooo sweet you HAVE to share)

What's a trip to disneyland without going to the LEGO store???! It was Grayson's dream store...we spent way too much time and money in there. But it was pretty awesome.

I LOVED Jayden in his Mickey hat. He was so cute.

Right as we got to the front of the line for the teacups Jayden decided he needed to pee RIGHT now and so he didn't get to go with his brothers...I had to wait in line AGAIN so he could go on them.

Colby was picked for Jedi Training. He is now a Padawan. He has fought the dark side and defeated it.

(The map was upside down...)