Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Puppies

My dog, Roxie had puppies last night.

She ended up with 5 puppies. I kept wondering if they were going to come out with 2 heads, or 5 legs, or no tails...because the father of her baby just happens to be her gross.

Her motherly instincts kicked in.....she eats alot, and growls at her brother/father of her puppies...sounds about right.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Going to the Pumpkin Patch in Willcox is the other half of our Apple Annie's tradition. We go to both places in one day. This year our group was pretty big, and both places were really crowded...but oh well. We go more for the experience than the pumpkins....they are too expensive. So the rule is they have to be able to carry their pumpkin.

Jayden could BARELY hold up his wasn't really Jayden-sized. And he didn't even end up with that pumpkin. After finding one for his baby cousin Ava...he apparently liked hers better and wanted to switch. Atleast he could carry that one. He was so tired after the day that when we went to Pizza Hut to eat afterwards, he just slept on my lap. Poor guy.

Colby had to get people (Branson and Catlyn) to walk around to find his perfect pumpkin. He couldn't decide on one on his own.

Grayson was really easy, after looking for like 2 mintues he found one.

Ok, Jeremy found this pumpkin and said it was shaped like a mom. It was really funny. We called it our mom pumpkin....I really wanted it but when we saw how much it was going to cost we secretly put it in a pile (you are supposed to buy what you pick...and its not a secret now...oops)

Like father, like son. I think that Jeremy's favorite part of going is that there is 1) Snow cones/Shaved Ice and 2) Fresh kettle corn. Thats the first thing he goes for when we get out of the car. So then we have to carry a giant bag of popcorn that we have to open every 5 steps, and each kid has to carry their snow cone....and there is no way around it. I just had to learn to accept it. So I make sure to take my family picture BEFORE Jayden gets his blue face and teeth.

Yes...he is peeing out in the I didn't realize what he was doing until it was too late. He was just doing his part to keep the pumpkins well watered. You can see Jeremy holding the popcorn.

These two pictures I forgot to add with the apple ones, and am too lazy to add on to that post.

Apple Annie's Apple Orchard

Last Saturday we went to Apple Annie's Apple Orchard in Willcox. It is a tradition of ours to go every fall. We always go a few weeks before Halloween. It gets better every year......except for the wind.

Colby had alot of fun using the apple-reacher-thingy to pick apples out of the tree.

Grayson didn't even need the picker, he was ok just climbing the tree. Grayson NEVER will eat the "crust" on apples when we get them at home, but after we had started picking the apples, I turned around and saw him eating a whole apple....."crust" and all.....WHAT???!

Jayden really liked picking apples. When we first started he had to say, "Wow Grandpa I am really good at this", so my dad asked if he had ever done it before and Jayden said "No, its my first time". When he went for one apple...atleast 2 fell from the tree. He was walking around trying to stomp on the rotten apples.

Every other year we have gone, we always pack a lunch and then end up regretting it because their cheeseburgers smell REALLY good. So this year we decided to eat out there. Well when we get out there (its like 25 minutes from town) its was really crowded, and had a huge food line. So we waited until we went back into town to eat...maybe next year....atleast we had the homemade ice cream.

I am happy we all had fun, and no one got hurt. It was alittle bit scary giving the boys those long poles with points at the end...thats just asking for trouble.

Monday, October 12, 2009

BuSy BuSy

WoW! For some reason I always think things are going to slow down. Before summer started, we kept saying,"Yeah when summer comes we can relax and go camping...." Then summer came, and we went to the temple, and went to California, and there was birthdays and the 4th of July, and girls camp, and the Sherman Family Retreat. Then we thought, "Oh when school starts things will slow down..." Nope, things are actually busier. Now we have Grayson in football, and Colby in soccer, and me helping with cheerleading (I am only asst. coach this year, not head coach..thank goodness!), and me going to the scrapbook convention and Jeremy working ALOT. And not to mention our church callings, and everything we like to do during the fall. So I am making a list of things I want/need to accomplish during October:

1) Take fall family pictures....but I need it to actually look like fall :-)
2) Go to the Pumpkin Patch
3) Pay off 1 credit card
4) Jayden's Birthday Party
5) Decorate for Halloween
6) Go on a date with my handsome husband!