Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some Random-ness

I feel at a loss. I take pictures, not as many as I should, and then never do anything with them. They used to get printed and then scrapbooked. But really that takes time and money I do not have. So I thought I would put a few of my favorites up on my blog.

Every baby needs a picture eating spaghetti. Something about all of those noodles on the tray, on their arms, stuck to their face, it just screams cuteness. You might notice the noodles look weird colored. Well I have kids who do not like veggies, so i have to sneak them in any way I can.

This is one of Brinley's FAVORITE things. She loves this car. It was a gift from my cousin Alissa for her first birthday. When we go places we don't usually take the stroller, we take Brinley's car. Jeremy has to do soccer practice alone with the kids while I am in school and he just keeps it in the truck to use at practice everyday. She LOVES this car. Grayson thinks it fun to try to get air over bumps and jumps at the skate park. I am thankful for the seat belt it has, she definitley needs it.

A good hiding spot. But first they have to take out all my bowls to get in. But otherwise a good place to play.

Brinley is in first place for being our best eater. You hand her something, she will eat it no questions asked. She loves most any fresh fruit or veggie.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Grayson!

Happy birthday Grayson! Nine years old! We just had a small party with cake and ice cream at our house. He didn't get to have a party with his friends because his mean mom did not have time. So we got him a few extra presents.

He wanted a confetti cake, which he frosted. Then Jayden poured orange sugar sprinkles on the corner in a BIG pile. So I shook the cake to disperse them more evenly. Its a one of a kind cake. No duplicates.

Grayson got lots of presents, including a new bike helmet, 2 air soft guns, LOTS of ammo for his new guns (how did eveyone know!?), some camo, a gun case, a movie, money and a game. Really we are not crazy rednecks, he just happened to get alot of hunting stuff. He loved everything! Me, I am too busy playing 5,000 BB pick up to do anything else.

Grayson is a good kid. He is a joy in our lives. He is always quick to thank us for things we do for him. At his party he gave hugs to everyone and said thank you with out us reminding him. He has many friends, he is a good big brother. I am so thankful we have Grayson in our lives and that we are able to be his parents. I hope that in his future he is kind to those around him. That he can stand strong for the things he believes in. That he can be a good example to his family and those around him. That he can make good choices and continue to make us proud!

Pumpkin Patch 2011

We ALWAYS go to Apple Annie's Pumpkin Patch in Willcox, every single year. We have gone maybe 7 times now? It is most definitely a family tradition. It is so much fun to go pick our own pumpkins (even though Walmarts are WAY cheaper).

This year we didn't get as early of a start as we would of liked. We had soccer starting and of course we couldn't miss that. So finally at 11:30 we left for Willcox. We took our annual family picture and hit the fields. We used to limit our kids to only a pumpkin that they could carry, but they keep getting stronger each year so their pumpkins get bigger. Crap! What are we going to do when they are teenagers? (They may not be as into it then....) So we walked the fields being ever so careful not to step on the vines. It was pretty hot so we did not take too long. We got them picked and headed back.

Next up was the Apples Orchard. That is the only fruit Grayson will eat so he is happy to go. Any other fruit he may not be so willing...
I love going every year and spending the time with the ones I love.
(I do not feel like put these in any sensible order, or even commenting on them, they are purely for viewing purposes only)

Brinley was obsessed with Jayden's glasses, she kept them on the whole time.

Jeremy had just got contacts and was still getting used to them. It was too bright for him so he wanted to wear my glasses. I said he looke dlike WIlly Wonka with a beard.