Friday, May 20, 2011

Mudda's Day

Well another mothers day came and went. We are gradually getting better....or maybe my hopes get smaller each year. This year Jeremy went to the store saturday night instead of the usual sunday morning. (Maybe because we go at 9am) He said it was packed with dads and kids. Apparently he isnt the only procrastinator.
The good thing about having kids in school is they make you presents at school. Yey! Last year I got a visor that said "Best mom" and a necklace that said " I love you". Nice. I dont think anyone got my picture but I did wear them proudly.
But really the holiday isn't about what they got me.....its about them showing their love and appreciation for all I do for them each day. The things that get done that they dont even know about. Like the nights I stay up so their baseball uniforms are clean ( right now). They are my children and without them I wouldn't be a mother.