Thursday, November 1, 2012

Six Things About Our Favorite Six Year Old

Number 1: You have the MOST energy I have ever seen. Sometimes you remind me of a ping pong ball just bouncing all over the place. You never seen to run out, like ever. It does not really matter if you eat 20 cupcakes, or 20 carrot still have more than enough energy. When we try to get to to hold still, you still have to move your hand, or foot or SOMETHING just so that you are still moving.
Number 2: You are the craziest kid on the trampoline. You just get on there with your big brothers and bounce away. Sometimes they bounce you really high, but to you it does not matter. You are not afraid to try new tricks either. You just put your mind to it, and all of a sudden you are doing flips, and hand stands....and other stuff I would never try in a million years.
Number 3: You love being outside. You somehow find endless things to do outside: Dig holes, jump, shot your BB gun, climb the hill, hang ropes in trees then swing, chase the cats, catch bugs, sharpen sticks, play in the are just an outdoors boy.
Number 4: You are a great brother. You really look up to your older brothers, even though they are not always the nicest to you. What ever it is they are doing, you want to do it to. When it comes to video games you always want to play too. They do not always play fair, saying that after you die its their turn again. But it never matters to you as long as you are right there with them. You are a sweet big brother to Brinley. You go jump with her, and help her with her babies, and steal her snacks from her.
Number 5: You are a sweet boy. There is never a night that you don't give us a hug and kiss goodnight. Number 6: You make our family complete. If we didn't have you in our family we would be lost. You are a special part of us. You are here to bring of love, joy, laughter. And to teach us patience.We love you Jayden!

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