Friday, September 28, 2012


We were driving home, Jeremy from work, me from picking kids up, when Jeremy spotted this guy. He was crossing the road just before our driveway and Jeremy couldn't resist him. When I pulled up Jeremy was just standing by it, occasionally putting his foot up to stop him from leaving. Grayson ran back to the house so he could get a picture with his new ipod. Then Jeremy wanted me to run and get my fancy new camera. When I left the gila monster was on the ground.....a few minutes later I returned out of breath with my camera and Jeremy was holding it.
I guess it crawled under his foot so he reached down while the kids were yelling "NO!" and just picked it up. Ewwwww! I CAN. NOT. BELIEVE. HE. DID. THAT! I was ready to smack him.....except that he was holding a giant lizard, so I kept my distance. He kept telling us, "Touch it, touch will NEVER get a chance EVER AGAIN" All the boys did, but not Brinley. I even gave in to Jeremy, it was gross. It felt like corn on the cob that dried out. Blech!
Jeremy this whole time was talking like Steve Irwin. He isn't to bad at talking with the accent. He also claimed he has a bucket list, not something I want to see. He said he can cross this off, and next is holding a rattle snake.
All I know is that next time I see this guy crossing the road I will just keep going because I have no intention of stopping and picking it up. ****No Gila Monsters were harmed in making of this blog.

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